As we draw to the close of play on our trip, we are given a timely reminder of home, as for the next three days we are joined by the BBC, who are out making a documentary on CWB. Whilst we are waiting for Aunty Beeb to land, for the morning session we are joined by Michelle and Cait from PSI, an international organisation which seeks improve the health of people in the developing world and who do a lot of work in raising HIV/ AIDs awareness. We are also joined by Evode who after a rather interesting life story, which includes being in a drug dealer in a gang, has now left that behind to run a centre which looks after street kids. His aim is to get the kids he works with into new sports and get them working together. As cricket is a new sport into Rwanda, this is why he has joined us today.

For the CWB team we are fortunate to have Evode with us this morning, as on entering Remera Primary School we learn that we are coaching 150 kids on a slope in a very confined area. The kids here are eager to play cricket and have fun. As we arrive they are clammering to say hello and help us set up so we can get going. Immediately Evode gets stuck in with the bowling with Big Eric. Having never seen or heard of cricket before today, Evode by the end of the session (under Big Eric’s careful tutorage) is coaching the kids how to bowl in cricket. The team cannot help but be awe-inspired by his enthusiasm to get stuck in.

In the afternoon we head to Kagarama secondary school, which has an established cricket set up and players on the fringe of the national team.  This is the first school we have visited in the past two weeks which has matting down to make up a square in the middle of the field, and a lot of players here have wooden cricket bats. Following a discussion about HIV/AIDs awareness and testing the school children’s knowledge of the A,B and C and mobile testing units, Carl, Mike and two members of the national team, Andre Kayitera and Don de Dieu Mugisha, take the school’s cricket team off to work on their game and improve their skill set, whilst the rest of us, now including Evode who has become part of the CWB Rwanda team, work with the other kids who want to get into cricket.

Taking a step back onto the grassy banks that surround Kagarama’s school playing field with the school team playing on the right hand side and seventy kids to left, having now learnt the basics, playing a game for the first time, for the BBC who have joined us this afternoon you couldn’t have asked for a better shot to represent what CWB is all about.

After a successful day’s play, Big Eric, Andre and Steady Eddie put their heads together to take the team to the most scenic view of Kigali, situated on top of one of the many hills that engulf the capital. As the misty dusk falls over another day of the trip before us is the beautiful panoramic view of the whole of Kigali, although full of hope having had another successful day, we are blissfully aware that are time here is coming is a close and the team cannot help but feel a twinge of sadness that our trip is nearly over.