Alternative ABC

One Day More; Another Day Another Destiny.

Today has seen even more highlights with lots of School teachers dressed up proudly in the bright yellow CWB Coach tops and just loads and loads of kids.

At the first school (St Antoinne de Padoine) we created such a commotion that the teachers couldn’t get the children back into their classes despite the rather shocking site of canes and wooden sticks being wafted in their directions. We were subsequently informed that cane usage is banned but wafting is very much not! This commotion was so riotous that we were forced to relocate to another field 10 minutes away so the school could calm down and re-assemble (CWB training for alternative plans worked well). After three hours of mental fun we devised an extraction plan with military precision to quickly evade the excitable children. This involved driving along a bumpy dust road between thousands of cabbages. However again in true CWB style we had to re-evaluate our plan when our minibus got stuck.

Reassessment complete; we all got out and enlisted some local helpers to push us out. Job Done.
At our now regular lunch establishment, after our staple diet of Rolex (omelette wrapped in a chapatti) John set about using his finely honed negotiation skills to replenish our dwindling stock of tennis balls; buying 51 tennis balls for the price of 50.
After an afternoon session at a Primary & Secondary School, approximately 775 children had been coached (nearly 2,000 in 3 days) – all of them signing at the tops of their voices “ABCT” whilst flossing back to their classrooms.
We have walked a Tightrope but now you can see the team developing – Giles W & John are experts at bowling, Nick and Alex know how to get kids to whack a cricket ball into a field of  children and let the kids fight it out; Ella is now to be known as Princess Ella with the lovely touchable hair, Mark is like the Pied Piper with his ability to transfix children with one bat and one ball and Chris can definitely cope with hundreds of children, directing us as coaches and putting his feet up.
After a much needed freshen up we finally ventured out into the Musanze nightlife to a restaurant called the Volcano lounge with its extremely large, friendly Alsatian dog watching our every move. Good food, better company. Except for the dog!
From Now On we will continue to learn from this madness/mayhem and continue to spread our message.

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