First time CWB-er Laura blogs about our Sunday in Gulu.

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It was one fine day here at Police Primary.  We saw two primary schools arrive in the morning and all 50 children had a chance to practice some batting, bowling and fielding under the expert guidance of their teachers with us CWB coaches hovering around giving bits of advice when needed. Considering they were only introduced to cricket less than one year ago it is clear that many of them have embraced the game as both their cricket skills and coaching abilities are improving and it is obvious from viewing the children that they must be receiving some regular coaching especially when you watch the bowling drills.

With today being Sunday the sounds of gospel music could be heard drifting across the playing field and we soon had the children learned a song to help them remember their ABC’s.

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After a somewhat luxurious pizza lunch we learned our bus driver Joseph has some wheels of his own as we saw him beat Emily hands down in a dramatic sprint race.  Despite some of our plans being lost in translation this afternoon, and important exams taking place for many schools there were soon enough children on the school field for the secondary school teachers to practice everything they have been learning from CWB and the Uganda Cricket Association.

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After a hot day here in Gulu we are looking forward to a cold beer before what promises to be a fantastic festival day tomorrow before we move again to our final destination Lira further in the East.

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