Clive blogs from Gulu on Day 6 our first coaching day here

This morning, we went to Police Primary school near the centre of Gulu eta 9.30 for a 10 o’clock start to coach 16 local teachers. Things started well and we were delighted when about 60 children also arrived so we could teach them cricket skill with the ABC message. Then, at about 11.30 it started to rain. Man did it rain as we ran to the bus and the children ran to their classrooms. We sat on our bus and watched the cricket kit start to flow away in the small rivers that were created on ground around us.

Picture 326

Picture 331

After retrieving the kit we had to abandon further coaching in the morning but after a brief stop to dry out and change we went onto Negri Primary school on the outskirts of Gulu to train 30-50 children. We arrived to find that school had finished for the day so Lee suggested to the head teacher that more children could join in. So with 300-350 children it was a full afternoon… some learning new cricket skills but most experiencing cricket for the first time. It was exhausting but rewarding for all of us with hundred of children singing the ABC song.

This evening, we rest and Mike will hope for a less eventful dinner after a brief encounter with a huge beetle which had landed on his lap the previous night.

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