Michael the youngster of the group blogs about our last day here in Arua.

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Festival day here in Arua and what a day it was. There were a few tired faces this morning as the team gradually walked in for breakfast due to the impressive sounding thunderstorm that struck throughout the night.

Anyway back to the cricket and it was an unexpected start as the field we had adopted for the first two days was taken over by half of downtown Arua supporting a local football match. We relocated up the hill onto a much more remote field which even had its own stand all be it a demolished building. The ground itself was a local athletics field surrounded by a running track.

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The morning session involved 5 primary schools making up 10 teams. Schools played each other in the first round of matches and the second set of matches was set out as winners of the first games playing fellow winners and runners up vs runners up. Although no overall festival winners were chosen the smiles of the faces of those competing throughout the morning was the outright winner for me along with ambeko and there brilliant team name of "fire on the mountain".

Lunch served up a treat as we had a grand tour of Arua with our final destination being the supermarket for our food.
The Afternoon session started off with a downpour of rain hitting us as we arrived back at the field. From then on in it has been a well needed cool afternoon. Just 2 schools arrived this afternoon producing 4 teams making it just two pitches between Muni Girls School and Mvari. We just managed to get in our final big HIV/AIDS messages before once again the rain returned.

I'm clocking out and going for a shower and cold beer before dinner. Another lengthy journey tomorrow as we hit gulu for the next stint of our trip.

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