Our final Sunday in Africa once again began with a mornings work before allowing the teachers to return home to family. We spent the time working on some more bowling this time with the teachers coaching one another, our biggest problem has been trying to get them to understand the principle that when coaching you can only focus on one point at a time, I think because of the complex nature of the bowling action this finally began to sink in as we broke the action down into 5 key elements and allowed them to take their time working through each point in detail. We even worked with a few of the teachers on incorporating a run-up (see if you can spot this in the daily video, in retrospect it looks more like an impersonation of an Ooompa Loompa dance to me).

We also worked on the forward defensive and then finished with some throwing finishing with a game with teams trying to hit the stumps. The competitive nature of the group was once again on display as Charles refused to let the game start until he had carefully measured the distance each team had to throw to ensure that no side had an advantage. There was also then a heated debate about whether a throw hitting the base should count. Our only problem in the session was the interruption by a religious nut who seemed to have an issue with sport on the Sabbath and made his protest known by riding round our playing area on his moped while preaching,
fortunately he soon seemed to get bored and sped of to preach elsewhere.

We then went for a walk downtown but to be honest there isn’t a great deal to do there so we returned to the hotel and for the first time in the trip put our feet up for an hour by the pool, discussions were entered into regarding a possible swim but we both in the end decided we will only ever use a pool if you can see the bottom.

A bit more defensive play just for you Ed.

After two days of shouting no you are throwing, we finally let them bend their arms.

Downtown Arua.

A sign downtown explaining the dangers of HIV/AIDS.

And another promoting community cohesion.

I have no idea where Rich got this burst of energy from, but it was a terrifying glimpse in to this PTI Army past.