After the disappointment of yesterday and all the rain the sun was back in full effect today and I think at times this afternoon it was a hot as we have had to deal with in our time here. After a brisk warm up led by Grayce we moved straight into a pairs game of cricket in the hope that this would help make some sense of all the information we discussed yesterday in the classroom. In general the game was a great success with some good batting and running between the wickets, the bowling however was understandably questionable as we hadn’t spent more than 20 minutes demonstrating this prior to ‘throwing’ them into the game, I think it fair to say
Darryl Hare would have been a busy umpire.

With this in mind we moved on to bowling after the game and worked for a good hour until all seemed comfortable bowling with a straight arm, after lunch we moved onto the straight drive and again split them into small groups so that they could take it in turns being coach it is this work that is most vital so that at least before we leave all the teachers should have the ‘coaching process’ mastered even if some of the specific cricket skills are missing.

The day finished with a very competitive Lords game featuring all 30 teachers, credit must go to all of them for making this a hard fought and enjoyable game especially after working so hard all day in the blazing sun, it feels like we caught up a lot of time that we missed yesterday.

The big question for the evening will be if we have enough energy to venture back into town to take up the invite by several of the teachers to visit ‘Matungo’ the local hot spot for a saturday night out. It’s fair to say energy wise there isn’t too much left in the locker after 15 days working out in the sun but this offer may be too good to miss.

We still have a 15 minutes warm up despite 26 degree heat.

A close Pairs game was decided by 2 wickets in the final over, people must ‘Abstain’ from hitting in the air.

Rich once again somehow finds a way to do a bit of scoring in the shade.

Pretty happy with this technique.

With it being Saturday the usual spicy game of football – Shirts v Skins was in action.