Day 9 – a day of firsts

Just when you think you know what you’re doing, a CWB project trip has a way of shaking things up and today the team faced some new challenges.

First Coach Education session where local teachers and other volunteers are guided on the CWB coaching methods so that they can gain both cricket coaching knowledge and a way of integrating HIV messages.

First time including wheelchair users into the games – made easier by the way that fellow students automatically included the two girls and took turns pushing them in the relays.

First time the team split into two with Lee, Sian, and Nick visiting Jalaram school for a big game of “five bat” leaving Tanya, Philip, Rachel and Paul to continue with cricket skills at Kisumu Central. Highlights of the second group were Tanya’s singing and dancing circle and the mass chant of “Dance like a mizungu ABC” led by Phil – a sound which followed us out of the gate as we waited to be picked up.

We also visited Pandpieri school on the edge of the slums, a school with children from a variety of backgrounds who also supported the inclusive message that CWB brings to its training sessions.

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