CWB Kenya Team Awards

This gentleman has excelled in keeping 100s of children occupied with singing, dancing and a fitness session. Due to his warm nature and ability to interact with children, he has been likened to Bristol’s very own Pied Piper . Oh wait, as he constantly reminds us, he is most definitely NOT from Bristol. But the rest remains true so The Combine Harvester award goes….to Jon “I’m not from Bristol” Haines.
We were all happily sitting in our hotel in Kericho when this person decided to get up close and personal with some flying bugs. Much to everyone’s surprise, one was suddenly plucked from the air and flung towards poor Gary who had spent his entire short stay in Kenya fleeing from the country’s biting critters. With this in mind, the Bear Grylls award goes to Derek “Bugs are tasty” Bloomfield.
This person has been the team’s hero, swooping to the rescue every time the situation has required. From opening and closing the bus doors, checking our vehicle through steep and narrow roads and accompanying inquisitive CWB volunteers on their adventures. The award for “Muzungu Wingman” goes to Matthias Wasike.
Even before we departed Heathrow this person had mentioned the name of a certain Masai Warrior at least a dozen times. Since then we have heard the name at frequent intervals along with detailed family histories. Even when he is asleep (which is 80% of the time) the name Songangya is never far from his lips. The award for the person “Most likely to marry Sonyanga’s mother” goes to…. Tim Kearsey
The next award goes to someone who possibly has more selfies on his phone than the number of times we have chanted ABC over the past two weeks. He is one of very few men to carry Vaseline with him at all times and even missed a team meal to go and get his hair done. He did however make up for it by writing the blog that even (subject to editing of course). The award for the “most vain person in Kenya” goes to Benja Olemamai.
It takes a special kind of person to be able to strike up immediate meaningful conversations with complete strangers. From the ex army officer on the plane, to the inebriated Mr Awimbowe who advised her on the elusive hippos one night in Kisumu, she really did exercise her vocal chords. The award for the person who is “Most likely to host her own chat show” goes to…..Mandy Burgess
This person has been the constant energy through our team; cheerful, welcoming and friendly towards everyone she meets and in every school, orphanage and place we have visited. Her natural ability to engage with local people has won many hearts and she will now forever be known as Hannah ‘Queen of Africa’ Stobbs.
The numerous road trips we went on during our time in Kenya would not have been the same if it wasn’t for the contributions of this man. Travelling over bumpy terrain taking in the beautiful countryside was extremely well accompanied by music that was difficult not to shout out TUNNNNEEEE to. The award for “Most likely to be the next Radio 1 DJ” goes to… Gary Storer
This man has taken us the length and breadth of this beautiful country. He has been at our beck and call taking us safely to and from the schools we coached at, going to find food and water for us and cleaning the bus after all the dust and mud we trapsed in. He has all amazed us with his cool and calm persona even when he has contended with lorries who think it is socially acceptable to overtake on both sides on a single lane road or when he has navigated endless ditches in Homa Bay. It took a certain phone incident in Nakuru that gave us an indication that even ice can thaw in heated situations.
The Freezer Award for “The only man who greets people with his own name” goes to…Charles “Iceman, Niceman” Ngenja
There were a number of times that this person came to the rescue in the technology department. From downloading Whatsapp (or was it snapchat?!) to rearranging sim cards to trying to find invisible emails, this person has gone above and beyond the call of duty. The award for “Most likely to own a business in fixing modern technology” goes to……..Khushali Patel
This award goes to the person who has entertained the team no end with his charming wit and random sayings. From sniffing the leather, to chin music, from the perfume delivery to the feeding programs, this gentleman surely knows how to speak in parables! On one late night in Kisumu, slumped in the corner of the balcony, he admitted that he was “struggling for power” and since then has needed charging on frequent occasions. So the award for the person most likely to put n power out of business goes to Daniel Olemamai.
The person has kept the group going over the past two weeks with his constant enthusiasm and generosity in spirit. If ever there is a power cut this man could easily light up the room with his smile. The award for the “Biggest Smile” goes to….Oluoch!
Whilst you are still here, we are well aware of your ambition to become a level 3 coach, however, having seen your excellent coaching over the past two weeks, here is your Level 5 certificate, brought all the way from Kisumu.

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