Bowling AIDs out of Africa – Day 10

Everyone has a story. You might think a team of 7 British cricket coaches is the topic of 9 days in Kenya. Not really – it goes without saying the time, skill, passion and energy of this team could move mountains, hearts and minds; but when 4100 children have clearly been taught cricket and more importantly AIDS/HIV messages the world is just changed so easily by education and love.


3 schools coached today and the ease of which we as a team respect this powerful ABC & T has become a natural and powerful exercise. You watch and respect each child with awaiting the conviction in their eyes to know they have learnt Abstain, Be Faithful, Condom and Testing. The children seem to know they have challenges ahead of Darwinian competition, in which some might not survive, and yet with the tenderness of each child they respect our message, no matter what creed, colour or religion. The Muslim girl who whispered in my ear that we are like her ‘book’ in showing love and kindness and the Christian boy who came and held my other hand was perhaps a lesson for those who hold the power of boundaries for the sake of greed and money. CWB granted takes a small amount of fundraising but ‘impact’ is beyond belief as I can count 4100 pairs of eyes who I’m sure will remember us long into adult and those important years they are at risk from this horrendous disease (AIDS/HIV).


On a more humerous note the last school today was 15, 16 and 17 year old boys. I profusely apologise for the ‘American Pie’ overtones to my ABC & T debrief to my 80 boys. However, when they laugh, you tell they are becoming adults in which hormones become a responsibility and that relationships with girls become a desire that can end in disastrous consequences with AIDS/HIV running at nearly 30% in Kisumu.


My first trip to Africa was Uganda. My last will be, God willing, when I have run this terrible disease out of this continent. I have found a powerful purpose in the children of East Africa whilst sharing the amazing company of people I share a mental and spiritual grace with. Onwards soldiers of good, we have only just started!

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