Where’s Mandy? – Day 5

What a day, just one school two sessions, 4 stations and 180 happy children .



It needed it to be simple seeing as we had all had a wonderful night out at the Blue Post hotel again last night. Wonderful company, great food and an unforgettable night with a surreal picture never to be forgotten (now on camera). Imagine the scene:  Hannah, Tim, Khush and Gary happily chatting away at one end of the table with Gary, John & Derek the other end. Then 3 men in black Nicholas, Charles (Iceman) & Mathias sitting at the end of the high table,  only to be surpassed by 2 majestic figures of half naked Maasai Warriors Benjamin & Daniel in full regalia sitting amongst us, both on mobile phones. Obviously a normal evening amongst friends!!
Why did the security guards at the door want to check our bags and then pick out the one member with no hand luggage but a club to frisk! What were they expecting to find??


We have now left Murang’a and travelled to Kericho . One road accident caused us to stop and appreciate the Kenyan transport arrangements at their best .1 line of queuing traffic can be easily bypassed by the biggest of trucks by taking the third lane on the highway except it was only a 1 lane road. We all now know how to get around the slow moving traffic on the M25.
Iceman our driver, started to thaw at my eventful day concerning my now defunct mobile and my visits back and forth to a phone shop in Nakuru. Hopefully the cool man will now be chilling in the bar while I am typing up this blog, ready to manoeuvre us around the two schools tomorrow. What a legend he is .

Nicholas has dealt a trump card with Taidy’s hotel in Kericho. Luxury! Our tuck will now be safe with no monkeys at the windows (the intended hotel is reknowned for their troop of theiving monkeys).

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