Day 12 – Festival time!

After our final day of coaching yesterday, in which we visited Mihang’o Primary and Igikiro Boys’ High schools, today we held a festival at Makuyu Boys’ School. This was the climax of our week in Murang’a and our last day ‘on duty’ before we head home tomorrow.

The festival was played between eight teams, from five schools we visited during this week. The teams were split into two pools of four, and each was assigned a coach from the CWB team. Twelve pool games later, the semi-final line-up was complete: Makuyu (Mary) vs Ndeera 2 (George), and Karigu-Ini 1 (Benjamen) vs Murang’a College 2 (Sam). In the first game, the skill and relative experience of Ndeera prevailed over the the power of the older boys; in the second, Karigu-Ini ran out easy winners. Karigu-Ini then chased down 41 in 7 of their 8 4-ball overs in the final to win with an over to spare, much to Benja’s delight!



After presenting prizes to the winners, runners-up and players of the tournament, we celebrated a very successful trip with cold sodas and few games of ‘catch’ while our faithful driver, Iceman, (recently returned to Murang’a with the bus, repaired after the breakdown of a couple of days earlier) drove the kids back to school. It’s really fantastic to see cricket starting to thrive here, after the work done by CWB and Matthias over the last couple of years. It was especially encouraging to see the students’ talents applied so well to game situations, following all the skills-based coaching we’ve delivered.

Everyone encouraged us to come back soon, especially the staff and teachers of Makuyu Boys’, who gave us a vote of thanks after we left them with a pile of kit. We were delighted also to see 32 kids get tested for HIV at the festival’s testing station, which we hope means that the “T” message is getting through.


It’s hard to believe that this is the end – it’s been an incredible couple of weeks and a real team effort, especially on the longer, hotter and tougher days here in Murang’a. In two weeks, 3,620 kids (or thereabouts) have been coached and 64 coaches trained – by six tired mzungus and five fabulous Kenyan coaches (plus Matthias in Murang’a, and Peter, Charilitah, Queentor and Maggie in Nakuru). We’ve seen massive enthusiasm for the game and seen awareness of the ‘ABCT’ message improve, so mission accomplished. Kwaheri, Kenya – but I can’t imagine not coming back!


Team! L-R: Benja, Max, Daniel, Sarah, Philip, Nichola, Colette, Sam, George, Leigh, Mary

– Sarah

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  1. It’s been a great pleasure involving myself with the team….its never been easy as this is a voluntary mission and all aspects considered it’s very hard to cope in such Un familiar environment. The great thing about all this is to see a young kid happy and full of hope that life always gas something to offer….continue the journey with us good people….as your efforts are now paying off gradually after long investment in Kenya….We shall indeed impact change in the most possible way and makes amends where necessary for the benefit of the main goals of the charity.To all the volunteers who for the past years have visited kenya and those who wish later to come receive our heartfelt gratitude. …to the board of trustees continue encouraging it’s growth for its a noble mission meant to capture the faint hope in people lives in Africa. ..kenya being a full partisan. .to our Country Manager Gary. …We welcome you in the soul heart of kenya n’s and in spirit ensure that the main goals and missions of the trust are realised. …to our former country manager Tracey…you are yet to be forgotten and I don’t think you will….an encouraging indeed of the good work you coordinated in kenya…We surely miss you but we soldier on…to the rest of the team and all team leaders may almighty God bless and keep you in the name of the Father , Son and Holy Spirit.
    Thank you all!

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