We weren’t due in to a school until 10am today which meant we would actually get a lie-in a day late, fantastic stuff. Unfortunately at around 8am the kind people behind the hotel decided to literally BREAK BRICKS! I tell ya, it’s not easy to sleep through that so up we got, bleery eyed again.

It’s actually been a while since we were last in a school, 4 days in fact. We were blessed with a good school this morning, very well behaved and reasonable numbers; about 20-25. Time doesn’t work quite the same way here in Africa, it doesn’t seem to matter to anybody really and everything starts late. Unfortunately that meant we only had about 30 minutes with these boys, I would have liked more to get to know them better and do some more interesting games.

Straight from the school we went on another huge bus journey to Nanyuki, on the way to the Masaai for our final training base. The bus needed a tyre changing after just a few minutes so we stopped to play a small cricket game at a garage, but thereafter I can honestly say it’s the first bus journey I haven’t enjoyed. Over 5 hours again and quite a few of us with itchy feet to be doing something more interesting.

We arrived just before dark to greet Aliya, our semi-famous guide to Masaai cricket. This hotel was a strange mix of looking nice on the outside, but crawling with bugs (crickets, ironically) on the inside. Mac was particularly scared of all of this, and even offered to share her bed if a strong man could protect her during the night. Tim was quick to offer his services, before the offer was removed…

Lastly, Mac would like to wish her goddaughter Rosie a very happy 5th birthday, and so would all of us!