Day 15 – ‘and now the end is near’

We set alarms for the ridiculous hour of 5.40 am in order to have a quick bite to eat, then get on the road. We had been invited to free entry to the Sweetwater Game Reserve, about 20km from Nanyuki. TTP was , of course, driving us around the reserve, though to be honest this wasnt his finest hour. We had all become very fond of Pete and he had undoubtedly become one of the group. he was irrepressible, a rock. But , in his Matatu, coupled with some wet ground he was rubbish. And I say that advisedly. I don’t want to diss the Big Man, but he got stuck more times than a Chilean miner. The biggest problem was, half of our group had gone out to the Reserve in shorts and FlipFlops…and flipflops aren’t that good for getting grip on wet ground when you are pushing a van out of sh1t.
We saw zebra, buffalo, warthogs, giraffes, elephants, impala and then a cheetah stalking a kill. It was very memorable.

We stopped off for lunch at the wonderful restaurant set by a watering hole. It was brilliant, and ,it being a buffet we all tried to eat as much as possible and take the piss to the highest degree. Unfortunately , the real result of our over zealous eating was some very strange aromas when we embarked upon our return 4 hour journey from Nanyuki to Nairobi and those aromas got stronger the closer we got to Nairobi and the driving took on the guise of Wacky Races again. These people were imbeciles…total halfwits. Disgraceful human beings. It was only at that time that I thought of the most accurate word to describe their driving…anarchistic. It was, indeed , without law. And their ridiculous behaviour was made to look more ridiculous when contrasted to the fine people we had met in Nanyuki.

Still, TTP got us there and our time in Kenya was almost up. All we had to do was get through 4 hours in Nairobi Airport, which was going to be a test, but nothing we could not cope with.

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