Conclusion and Thanks

Thanks for reading our Blog. We appreciate the time you have spent reading about
our trip. We would like to thank CWB and Cricket Kenya for organising our trip
and many other erstwhile mentions are well deserved. Notably Aliya, the Heads
of all the schools especially Braeburn and Pangani, all the Chefs for making us
drink more beer by taking stupid amounts of time to cook meals, to Mr Macdonald
for inventing burgers otherwise Ghazi wouldnt have eaten, to the best driver
ever …. Mr TTP, and to every single one of the 1170 kids we worked with over
the 2 weeks. It was a huge experience and one that will never be forgotten.
Also, thanks to the 45 teachers and coaches around Nanyuki and Dol Dol who went
out of their way to take their coaching badge.
We have no idea  for sure if cricket will take hold at the lovely place at the
base of Mount Kenya, but we hope it will. There appears to be enough momentum
for there to be a major push and hopefully, if these kids can obtain even half
the enjoyment from cricket that we have, the trip will have been a success.
Once again, thanks to everyone who sponsored us and thats us done.

Stephen Green, Ghazi Zaki, Steve Adshead, Ed Alexander, Simon Mockford, Ben
Francis and Phil Cramp

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