Day 7 – musings from the boundary

Well, it had to happen. After sampling the madness of Nairobi drivers for nearly a week, we had a prang….. right in the middle of a roundabout on the way to the last session. Basically, what happened was TTP was on the outside lane trying to turn right and some nutter in a 4 x 4 was in the inside lane trying to turn left. Both drivers managed to avoid cars in lanes 2, 3 and 5 but there was a coming together in lane 4, which considering it was a 2 lane round I had to congratulate everyone concerned for making the road as wide as it had become.

So TTP had to get out and we believe money changed hands. We have yet to ascertain who paid who or how much. A menacing looking policeman turned up with a big stick, shouted and then walked off. Nice work Columbo!

We finally got back to the Pangani Primary school for our 2nd visit there. We had 55 kids at the start but it was anyones guess how many by the end. We did different drills from our last visit and ended up with 4 games of continuous cricket going on. Once again these kids were brilliant, as where the doughnuts and boiled eggs that the Head Mistress had waiting for us in her office. ben and the 2 Steves had 2 eggs each so they will be sitting next to each other on the bus tomorrow for our 4 hour drive to Nanyuki.

The afternoon was free so we were invited to the Nairobi club where Adshead took some aspiring young Kenyans for a batting masterclass. As the rest of us stood in peaceful reflection of a great weeks work, a cold Tusker in hand, Simon broke the peace with a non too often heard question – “I wonder if my pants are dry?” he mused. To this day we still have no idea.

The bus ride to Nanyuki was made even more potentially eventful as we met up with the Charities Trustees in the evening for a Curry. Not the best thinking considering what tomorrow brings, but then again as Jennifer Warnes said “Who knows what tomorrow brings”.

It was the Indian festival of Diwali aswell so Phil’s best laid plans of getting to bed early were scuppered by some lunatic setting off fireworks outside his bedroom window every 3 seconds. We have no idea what the festival means but it is rather coincidental that it is Guy Fawkes night aswell. Perhaps Mr Fawkes and Mr Diwali were in cahoots back in the day and these nutters, who now seem to be using surface to air missiles are celebrating the foiling of the gun powder plot!

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