Day 2 Continues

After lunch and another hair raising journey we arrived at Lenana School for a session due to start at 3:00pm.

These players were a bit better having played for 2 years and we planned more technical sessions for them and the use of hard balls equipment. On arrival we say about 17 lads in the same kit but this soon increased so that eventually we had about 35 lads with us.

Introductions followed again in the same manner as the morning and Steve Adshead ran another excellent warm up. We then managed to get alot of lads together to lift up a hockey goal so that we could use it in a batting session – proper coaches using what was available!

We split into 4 groups with Steve Adshead running a pull shot session (ask him what he thinks of the pull shot when you see him!), Ghazi and Ben carrying out bowling, Phil and Ed running a high catching session and Stephen running a slip catching session. During all of this, and the morning session Simon was our water man, camera man and video man and helped in all groups. The Video and Camera shots look fantastic and will appear soon!

We had first use of the first aid during the high catching session as one lad decided to use his nose to stop a ball he missed with his hands, much to Phils disappointment. There is no truth in the rumour that the lad still had to do his press ups for a missed catch!

After sessions Steve had found out that the lads, who play in a team anyhow, do not get chance to hit balls in practice. Therefore, even though we were over the official time Steve, with all other coaches assisting, ran a front foot driving session. This was fantastic to see 35 lads chasing all over after the shots that had just played. They had to chase the ball they hit themselves but still tried to hit it as far as possible and then chase after it – we could not imagine the lads in the Uk doing this!

Following this we carried out a summary with all of the players and thanked them for their effort. The Captain of the team stood up and thanked us and his team mates, followed by our CRicket Kenya official (Joseph), the school teacher and the ex Captain of the team!

Another fantastic session which made us all feel very worthwhile. We then endured another journey back with some interesting overtaking manoeuvres.

Time for a shower and a beer!

Ben, Stephen and Ghazi

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