Day 1 – Arrival

5 of the team met in Dubai following various flights from the UK. Stephen, having flown from Glasgow, spent 6 hours waiting for anyone else to arrive – Dubai airport is not a good b & b!!

technical issues with the plan from Dubai meant that the right engine would not fire properly so they tried to re-start twice. This did not work, however, third time lucky which the pilot announced!!! This resulted in us being 30 mins late to Nairobi when Ben and Ed were waiting patiently with David from Cricket Kenya.

Got through Customs fine and all bags arrived – we were here!! All piled into 1 mini bus with all cricket bags, etc – it was packed to say the least. Ben had warned us about the driving but nothing could prepare us for the next 30mins! Hit traffic but through careful movement between lanes our driver got us here on one piece – shaken but not stirred!

On arrival at Jupiter Guest Resort we found basic rooms but just what we needed. We then went out for Dinner in the ‘Boogie Disco Bar’. Lack of cutlery but we ate African style including sampling Steve Adshead’s goat. Lots of screens in the bar with Premiership football showing all games, plus live music. Bed followed after a very enjoyable first evening.

Ben and Stephen

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