5 days to go!!

We are now only 5 days away from travelling to Kenya and counting away the “sleeps” before we depart. We actually have two members – Ed and Ben, already in Kenya and they will be waiting for us when the rest of us arrive.

This weekend has seen members of the squad carrying out other activities – Steve Adshead wants to thank his friends in cricket for their support, and in order to raise the money for our project I decided to run the Birmingham Half Marathon. Just finished in 1:49:09 and enough pain to justify all those who were good enough to sponsor me, well worth it though. With that out the way I can now get suitably fat like all ex pro’s should do! The rest of team are very impressed with Steve’s time for the event.

Ghazi Zaki has been at Lords this weekend where he has just found out that the Staffordshire Tutor Team (of which he is a member) has won the Tutor team of the year award – great news for Zaki and his team!

Finally, I have just managed to complete my last Coaching in Scotland before going over to Kenya. 5 hours with an U15 Development Squad in Scotland will be replaced with 2 weeks coaching kids of all abilities in Kenya – what a difference and I think I may also see a vast difference in the temperature between Scotland and Kenya in October!

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored members of the team,

Stephen and Team Kenya

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