Music to my ears in murang’a

Everywhere we gooo! People wanna know!
Who we are! And where we come from! 
So we tell them!
We’re from Kenya! The mighty, mighty Kenya!
And we tell them!
We play cricket! The mighty mighty cricket!
We love cricket! The mighty, mighty cricket!

On a rainy weekend in Coventry, I tried to take all the knowledge in during a whistle stop tour on how to coach CWB style in Kenya. Try as you might though, simply, you can’t absorb it all. 

Back home, I’m the lead activator for my local cricket club, Lechlade in Gloucestershire, and coaching has always come fairly naturally to me, so the cricket coaching was never going to phase me. Though, if there was one part of a CWB session that I was really struggling to remember how to deliver, it was the outro! 

When Nicko turned to me and asked if I would be able to do the outro just seconds before he introduced me at the first school, there was little chance to say no (not that I would pass on such an opportunity anyway).

I guess it was just about finding my own style and if there’s one thing that has kept me upbeat so far, it is the children’s energy. We just seem to bounce off of each other. I shout, they shout; I shake my hips, they wiggle (with a giggle); I offer a high five and thirty others run over. It was this excitement that I knew I had to use in my delivery, hence the above chant was born.

I never thought that shouting ‘condom’ at the top of my lungs for 200 Kenyan children to shout it back to me would yield such a thrill, but boy I love their energy!

When I came to Kenya, I had a mission to impart my passion for sport on these children, so for them to truly feed off of my antics has been humbling.

Having taught many lessons over the last couple of days from catching to bowling and of course dancing, I found it more than amusing when a cheeky Kenyan child  corrected me on how to pronounce ‘sikiliza’ (listen) correctly after around four attempts of saying it wrong. After that, I nailed the pronunciation, but each time I shouted it, it returned nothing but laughs – having said that, it did make them listen.

I’m very much looking forward to continuing this hula-dancing, PGL-style chanting journey through the mighty, mighty Kenya!

written by Freddie Merrett

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  1. James Merrett
    February 19, 2020

    Inspiring stuff! Keep up the good work and great blog posts and hope both your local lingo and dance moves continue to improve too. x

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