Day Three: the head teachers embrAce

When Head Teachers embrace cricket as their schools sport of choice you know you are onto a winner. their enthusiasm permeates through the school with teachers and pupils equally engaged and that was certainly  the case at both Unity and Edelvale Primary schools today. a great turnout despite half term holidays which is testament to how much the kids love the game and want to be involved.

Day one on any CWB project is always nervous  for the coaches; will you remember the training,  do the kids want to be there, and can you weave a serious health and social message into the game of cricket ??

Well, the answer is yes, yes and yes with one caveat – a coaching team consisting of a Jon, Josh and Joe has tested everyone’s memory skills to the limit. 

Later on in the session reputations were also at stake as a combined teacher / CWB coaching team took on a mixed student team at Unity school. With the heavy roller in the workshop, the track was spicy making batting difficult.

The textbook reverse sweep to win the game will live long in the memory (mine at least) but ultimately cricket was the winner. There was lots of local talent in the school team which bodes well for the future of cricket, and is credit to Nick the amazing  CWB Ambassador. 

As I look round the coach on the way to our next venue, I see lots of tired faces but i think everyone is content with a job well done today. We’ve made friends, coached a lot of cricket, taught some new songs, and most importantly hopefully changed a few lives for the better. bring on day 4.

Written by Jon Merrett

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