Day two: Not a TYPICAL ‘Cwb DAY’

Sunday saw our first day together as a full team! With the majority of our volunteers arriving throughout Saturday night (or in John and Freddie’s case, early Sunday morning) it’s fair to say that the team’s day was more relaxed than a ‘typical’ CWB day. 

Although we were supposed to watch Nicholas play a match in the morning, the erratic weather postponed his match. Instead, some very tired troopers decided to visit some animal sanctuaries.

Moses (or Morris as Joe referred to him) transported us to an elephant orphanage, where the team learnt about the process of saving young elephants who have been abandoned, with the eventual aim of reintroducing them into the wild. This was however, not only rudely interrupted by the heavy rain, but Joe who started playing music (unknowingly) after being instructed to be silent. 

We then moved onto a giraffe sanctuary before Moses escorted us to his friends’ restaurant for Lunch. The presence of WiFi was a welcome sight, as was what we can only assume was the entertainment for ‘Anna’s 1st Dance Party’. The entertainment in question started with some acrobatic dancing, but slowly progressed to fire eating and limboing underneath a 1ft high stick that was lit on fire. It’s fair to say, the meal was worth every penny.

After this, we met Nico who took us to a carnivorous restaurant in the evening, after the team had gathered some rest. Tomorrow is our first coaching day as a group, in which we coach two schools in Nairobi before moving cities.

Special mention goes to John and Freddie Merritt who arrived at 8 o’clock this morning (EAT) after a long day of travelling, but still managed to head straight off with the rest of the team for the day. Heroes. 

written by Josh Malkani

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  1. Irene Short
    February 16, 2020

    Thanks for sending such a comprehensive blog at the end of a fantastic but exhausting day. Evocative and interesting G&G

  2. Tania Malkani
    February 17, 2020

    Loving these posts. Enjoy day four!

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