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Gary Storer

About me: I run my own coaching business and have worked in education and training all my career – helping young people learn is immensely enjoyable, whether in schools, mentoring or coaching cricket or football – I always find I seem to get as much from it as them.

Cricketing experience: I’ve been watching and playing cricket for over 40 years and still play and umpire for one of the oldest cricket clubs in England, in a picturesque village in Sussex called Lindfield.

What are you most excited about going to Kenya with CWB? I first went with CWB to Kenya in 2016 and had a great time and learned a lot about the country and people. I’m looking forward to going back to meet some of the same teachers and CWB Ambassadors to find out what they’ve been doing since 2016. I’m also looking forward to working with our great team and seeing that energy and enthusiasm that all the young people over their seem to have when learning about our great game!

Tanya Boardman

CWB team mate: “So, do you bat or bowl?”

Me: pause, thinking faceCWB team mate: “…or field?”

Me: “ummmm, none of them really. Mostly I just run around the boundary chasing the ball”

I play cricket, of sorts, but I’m back for my third CWB project trip because I love exploring Africa and seeing the impact of a couple of hours of play combined with some serious health messaging. When I’m not CWB-ing I split my time between managing space projects and managing peoples’ injuries.  I can also often be found running in the Surrey Hills or writing in my notebook.

Jon Merrett

This is my second trip with CWB having previously been to Rwanda several years ago. 

I have been playing cricket for over 40 years starting at school and then continuing into club cricket where I still play in the Saturday league today. Cricket Without Boundaries seemed like the natural choice to combine my love of cricket with the opportunity to spread the joy of this fantastic game to far flung placed and at the same time contribute in the battle to stop the spread of HIV.

My time in Rwanda was so amazing I can’t wait to get out to Kenya and go again !

Josh Malkani

I’m 18 and from Flitwick cricket club, currently studying English and American Studies at the University of Nottingham.

This is my first CWB trip but I have been aware of the Charity for years now after meeting Trustee Carl Ferguson at my cricket club. Many from my club have travelled with the charity under his influence, including my brother. Because of this, I have been following the great work CWB have done with great interest and have heard many stories of the touching work that the charity does. And so, I am really looking forward to getting out there and getting started with the rest of my team!

Harry Kitchen

Im 25 and from currently live in Stourbridge, West Midlands. However originally from South Gloucestershire.

I work for Worcestershire Cricket Board and Warwickshire Cricket Board running’s the West Midlands Wicketz Project. In my spare time I mainly spend my time with my family and friends as well as play cricket at Halesowen cricket club,

This is my first CWB trip but I have been aware of the Charity for years now having known a few people from my previous time at Gloucestershire Cricket Board who volunteered with the project. Because of this,

I have been wanting to volunteer for the project for a while now and finally the time is right. CWB do great work in many countries and I’m really excited to be part of the team to volunteer in Kenya

Freddie Merrett

Awooga ladies and gents

I started my cricketing journey at the age of four at my local cricket club. In the dozen or so years that have followed, I have worked my way up through the system into the 1st team now having the pleasure of playing with some of the best.

Though, over the last couple of years, playing cricket is not the only thing that I love to do on the field because I LOVE to coach. At 15, I became the lead activator at my local cricket club and I have been so ever since and am now looking to continue the voluntary work elsewhere.

I became acutely aware of HIV in Kenya in a much beloved geography classroom, which got me thinking…. what can I do to help? My dad visited Rwanda for his first tour with CWB when I was younger which raised my awareness of the charity. CWB provides the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for coaching and cricket. Having the opportunity to tour with my dad for CWB is an incredibly exciting prospect – can’t wait to get out there!

Joe Tromans

I’ve taken a lot out of the game of cricket. I’ve played since I was six or seven and it was in my family as well and It’s a good opportunity to put something back. I’m also lucky enough to work in cricket, at Worcestershire CCC where I head up Marketing.

A CWB project is something I’ve personally wanted to do for a few years but work-wise have never had the opportunity to fit it in until now.

Im really looking forward to arriving in Kenya and getting going!

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