Signs of Change

On Tuesday morning we returned to a school we had previously visited, but with a much bigger group to coach. The Headteacher, who attended the Coach Education course yesterday, warmly welcomed us and was grateful of our intertwined social and health messages. The behaviour of the children was great and they were a credit to their school, local George and the local volunteers. At the end of the session one student delivered a very thoughtful thank you.

We then travelled to a school for the deaf which was extremely interesting. Four of the local volunteers, Mary, Charity, Maria and Daisy visit on a daily basis and are proficient in sign language which was a massive help as the team’s African Sign Language knowledge is somewhat limited! What was lovely was when we were individually introduced to the students they made up a simple sign for our names. As the session progressed so did our sign language repertoire language meaning that we were able to communicate with the enthusiastic students. This school visit made me personally think that I take some things for granted such as hearing. Even without being able to hear, the children had a great time!

We moved on to another previously visited school, with just the 312 children to entertain at this session! With such big numbers the best option was to set up cricket relays. Expertly guided by Nicholas, and helped by demonstrations from the team, the session went as smoothly as it could have gone. Fun was had by all including the coaches. During our trip we have taken hundreds of photos but what the children get mesmerised by is the Greg’s drone flying high in the sky. Once the relays were complete, we organised the children to form an aerial art attack photo spelling out the all important HIV message of A, B, C, T. The effort getting the kids into position was no easy feat, but worth it as the footage is brilliant.

The fourth and final school we visited was similar to the last school in regard to numbers. Again the team decided that relays were to be the best option. This particular school showed great spirit and energy which the team bounced off. The knowledge of the A,B,C,T message was very strong from this particular school too. At the end of the session the whole school (circa 700 children) gathered around Greg who reiterated and expanded on CWB’s key social and health messages. This was a good end to a good day.

Mzungu George

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