Rising Stars

Today was our first coaching day in Nakuru and we were joined a number of the Kenyan women cricketers, the legend that is Peter Ongondo, and a couple of local community coaches. The additions to the team made up for the fact that our project leader didn’t make it out of his room today!

With the prospect of afternoon rain looming it was an early start to drop half the team off at team member, George Owino’s, old secondary school before the rest headed over to a primary school close by. For the first time on the trip we were able to speak to older children and gained valuable insight into the challenges they currently face and will face as they grow older. They cited early marriage, early pregnancy, FGM, poverty, rape, drought and insecurity. They discussed ways to address the issues including education and public awareness.

At the same secondary school site a mixture of teachers and cricketers turned up to do some coach education for the morning. The 18 adults were taught the basics of the game and simple, yet effective drills and skills and how to integrate the health messages into them.

Meanwhile the other half of the team delivered a quality 4 station session to 165 primary school children. It’s safe to say after experiencing a CWB trip I will not be phased by a lack of equipment, non-pristine surfaces and big, big numbers! My first highlight of the day is attempting to be taught the dance to the Kenyan Defence Force and the Odi dance. The Kenyan children appear to have a rhythm that is not present in us British folk! I’m relieved that no videos were taken!

The team are becoming regulars at a coffee establishment called Java Coffee. So much so that our phones automatically pick up the free WiFi! Lunch was taken at the Nakuru branch and George indulged in rather large sweet fix of a brownie sundae! Food that only teenage boys can eat and not feel sick!

The last school of the day was another particular highlight for me. I took the bowling station and found 2 children who naturally spun the ball. A boy who could turn a tennis ball, and a girl who had a fantastic slow left arm action. Stars of the future!

Looking forward to experiencing another day of a CWB trip tomorrow.


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