Meet the team

Hannah Weaver



I am very excited to be returning to Kenya with the team. Since our first visit last February CWB has committed to working on educating to eradicate FGM. We have strengthened our relationship with 28 Too Many and the MCW and are delighted to welcome the LCCC foundation to our collaboration. This trip will see us consolidate the work we did last year and provide us with an opportunity to measure the impact of our work. The interest surrounding this trip has been incredible and we are very grateful for the support of MKK Sport who have very generously provided our team kit.

Lee Booth

CWB Head of Operations


Growing up in Huddersfield has provided me with the ideal background for volunteering in developing countries, I have used this alongside my Level 3 cricket coaching to help take CWBs message to Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.

I am looking forward to meeting old friends and seeing how the game is developing and helping to train the next generation of cricket coaches who will help to deliver the messages to the young about their future.

No doubt as always this trip will throw up memories that will last a lifetime from the heart breaking to the awe inspiring to the faintly ridiculous (see picture). Please don’t check on our Flickr page for the photo that shows me breaking the bike. I promise I fixed it.



Nicholas Oluoch

Kenyan CWB Ambassador


Hamjambo! My name is Nicholas, CWB Ambassador Kenya, a representative of Cricket Kenya and the national team. My role as a CWB team member has absolutely been amazing. The social intelligence aspect of the frequent visits to CWB makes to areas of Kenya, that I hardly know, and coming out with something beneficial to the people affected, has really warmed my heart with such great gratitude that I am much privileged that there are many people who can actually benefit from my abilities. There is not much joy than changing a life. God bless all the volunteers who dedicate the time and resources to have a positive impact in Africa, and Kenya being one of the main beneficiaries. Asante sana.


Katie McLean

Cricket Without Boundaries Volunteer and Midwife


I’m really excited to have the chance to join the team for the 2nd year running and to continue to build on the work that has been started in Kenya to help bring to an end the practice of FGM. As a midwife who works in Southampton I have seen at first hand how this practice can affect women both physically and mentally and I’m looking forward to using this knowledge to help others. I’m also excited to continue learning more cricket skills.


Laura Daniels

Cricket Without Boundaries Volunteer and Tutor


This will be my 5th trip with CWB.  I’m Project Tutor on the course so I’ll be taking a lead, with the local coaches, on the cricket delivery side of the project.

It’s exciting to be returning to the Maasai region of Kenya to build on the work we started last year. The work that the Maasai Cricket Warriors are doing on a daily basis is so important and incredibly inspirational and I can’t wait to be on the ground, working alongside them again.  It’s great to see our team growing this year, with the addition of the LCCC Foundation coaches.  I’m expecting a lot of smiles, tears, stories, dances, singing, cricket and of course FGM messages this year.


Kay Floyd

Community Project Officer LCCC Foundation


I have worked for the Foundation since around 2012 and I co-ordinate and deliver a range of projects to a range of ages such as Under 5’s Arts and Crafts, Disability Table Cricket to Secondary school pupils, Education programmes to primary school children which include playing Kwik Cricket and Kurling session’s to residents who live in Sheltered Housing.

I love working for the Foundation and the variety of projects that we deliver and I am really looking forward to working alongside CWB in Kenya as I think it will be an amazing experience and a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge to help set up a similar project in Trafford and make a difference to the lives of young local women.


Natasha Sweeney-Meadowcroft

Activity Leader LCCC Foundation


I was recruited as the Foundations Young Ambassador and the first Apprentice in August 2012. My role in the Lancashire County Cricket Foundation is to help teach different sports within local schools in the community to encourage children. I am the activity leader for the foundation

Kay and I work alongside each other in various of projects, such as 0-5 years arts and crafts, disability table cricket and many more.


Esther Njenga

Researcher and Africa Co-Ordinator 28 Too Many


Since joining 28 Too Many I have learnt more about the scale and impact of FGM in Kenya as well as using my legal skills & experience to contribute to ‘the law and FGM’ on two 28 Too Many FGM Country Reports. I have also met many people and organisations from different parts of Kenya that are campaigning against FGM and there is a growing momentum to end the practice.

I am looking forward to joining the CWB team and being part of this exciting new project to use cricket to engage communities, empower young people and bring about a positive change for girls and women by ending FGM.


Benjamen Seko Olemamai

Maasai Cricket Warrior


I am Benjamen Seko Olemamai, Maasai Cricket Warrior, spreading the message to end FGM to society. As a Maasai Cricket Warrior I am an Ambassador against FGM and early marriages, as well as raising HIV awareness in my community. Working with CWB is a part of learning for me, since I get new ideas to spread to our community different ways to deliver important messages through cricket and to help people from evil in our society. I appreciate CWB for taking this role of spreading the messages to our people. We hope to be role models to our society.


George Owino

Social Worker and volunteer cricket coach


Jambo!!!! I am George Owino, a social worker, and it’s been quite a ride working with CWB for the past few years coaching about HIV/AIDS and undertaking the new project to fight FGM in the Maasai community. It is a big achievement regarding the social support we are being offered by the elders and the Commissioner in the area we are coaching at, and I am really grateful to have undertaken this opportunity as it’s a life changing project.


Daniel Olemamai

Maasai Cricket Warrior


I am Daniel Olemamai, born a Maasai Warrior in my village. After my school I joined the world of cricket. In 2007 up until now I dedicate myself to helping young boys and girls, about the bad aspects of culture within my community using cricket as tool to spread messages to end FGM, HIV and AIDS. I thank God that the Elders in my village have accepted the END of FGM and their pledge for this. Thanks to CWB for volunteering to save lives of young African girls and boys.


Jules Farman

Cricket Without Boundaries Volunteer and Blogger

Kenya Picture

Last year I was part of the team who went on Cricket Without Boundaries’ inaugural Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) trip. It was a pleasure to work with the Maasai Cricket Warriors, 28 Too Many and Cricket Kenya, working together to support the work the Maasai Cricket Warriors are doing to end FGM in their community.

I am looking forward to coaching alongside the LCCC Foundation coaches who have joined the team this year, and catching up with our friends out in Kenya who continually strive to improve the lives of so many, through raising awareness of the dangers of FGM and HIV/ AIDS awareness using cricket coaching. It will be interesting to see the impact of the work we have done on ending FGM within the Maasai community.