Working with CWB has been really amazing.  I am proud of being a team member on this year’s trip as well as CWB’s Ambassador in Kenya.  There’s nothing more refreshing than spreading happiness and seeing a sad face transformed into one with a big smile and filled with so much joy.  Not only do we teach the game of cricket and incorporate the core message of ABC & T as well, but the joy and important message we bring to all those we come across is really amazing. 

The work has its own challenges but after every day we evaluate ourselves and try to make sure that we improve each day, both from cricket and HIV/AIDS awareness messages perspectives.  Many thanks to the CWB team, not only from me, but all the coaches and children we have positively changed during this trip.  As they say, change is a gradual process and we only see it after a while, but I think we have made some important progress in the last 10 days.

Personally, CWB has also taught me great skills of coaching, educating and the importance of working as a team.  This is indeed a great opportunity for cricket in Kenya. Always remember that luck is the meeting point of the alertness of one’s mind and opportunities that present themselves.  CWB has been just such a lucky opportunity for me.  Thanks and be blessed.




(Nicholas doing what he does best – coaching)


(Nicholas showing all the Brits how tribal dancing should be done)


(Leading the tribal march from the field of play)