Its fair to say today has been one of travel. In fact, nothing but travel!

After 9 hours of flying over two flights, the team were more than prepared to take the short 5 hour bus ride down the 'highway' to our first stop, Kisumu. Over 10 hours later after travelling across what can only be described as 'some ground', we eventually rolled into town. Dazed, confused and weirdly relaxed (you normally have to pay good money for that kind of full body pummelling) we were very relieved to no longer be 'just an hour and a half' from Kisumu, but actually there.

Despite having been travelling for over 30 hours, there's been some plus points. We've passed some stunning scenery on the way, particularly around the rift valley (photo below), learned that we can all just about put up with each others music tastes (I've not been allowed to dj yet…) and managed successfully to find Safdar, Gellers and Nicolas, our local contact for the Kisumu and Nakuru, to bring the whole team together.


The major downside so far, apart from the roller-coaster journey, is that we've not actually played any cricket. However, this will undoubtedly change tomorrow when we run our first coach education session and get stuck into some coaching. I'll endeavour to get some photos up tomorrow once we're properly up and running.

For now we're retreating to the rooftop bar to sink a well deserved tusker and also celebrate Carl's birthday, which he kept quiet until the very last minute. I believe he's 25 again.