Day 4 – Kisulisuli and Langa Langa Rich little piggies slots free download

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All the CWB volunteers are doing a fantastic job, and it is amazing where all our energy is coming from to keep going and working hard to give us much as we can to as many as we can out here. Cricket is a universal language and it is making a significant difference to many lives in Kenya 🙂

Tracey D xx

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4 Responses to Day 4 – Kisulisuli and Langa Langa

  1. Noëlle says:

    thanks for the pen pictures and photo’s, brilliant work you’re doing. looking forward to more updates.

  2. Sally says:

    team Kenya, oh my days. You have had a flying start and sound like you are having such fun. Even though it’s a bit sweaty for you, rest assured the weather is rubbish here. Shame about the lack of internet connection but all up and running now, brill. Well done to you all, keep those spirits up and I look forward to reading more blogs. Sally x p.s. who brought their cuddly toy? love it 🙂

  3. Andy Hobbs says:

    hello team, i’m getting tired just reading your blog – full of action and energy, well done! Loving the fact that singing and dancing is also a key focus to the work in schools, the project leader putting her own stamp on things – expecting some good videos of that!

    Well done team, keep the energy up!

    Big high five to you all


  4. Michael & Veronika Reeves says:

    Well done to all of you. It sounds as if you are having a great time and that the HIV messages are getting across really well. Your blue mean machine must be related to our Ugandan brown bear bus!
    Mike and Veronika

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