Blog written by Alan (typed up by Michael)

A relaxing day initially entailing a 2 1/2 hour drive from Mbale to Jinja for our final challenge. A gloriously straight (and flat) road through open country interspersed with dozens of small towns spreading out from either side of the bus, needing to slow to negotiate “sleeping policeman” humps large enough to awaken the several sleepers on it.

On arrival at the hotel ‘Paradise on the Nile’ we adjourned to the spot named The Source of the Nile for a leisurely lunch. Many of the team had amazing Tallapia fish served upright between a pair of screws. This was followed by a river boat trip at this historic spot. All but one of the team made it onto the boat the not so sea worthy Kristy who claimed that she “would be sea sick on a pedalo in a swimming pool”. Much exotic birdlife was seen including the rare Giant Kingfisher and very large fish eagles.

After browsing some of the local craft stalls the group split in two, many wanting to watch the Spurs v Arsenal game. The result left two of the group especially happy. Rocky as the local Jinjan was placed in charge of finding the towns finest eatery, he failed to do so until we were recommended a restaurant a three minute bike taxi ride away. Rocky continued to put doubts over his local roots by making a 3 minute walk back into a 25 minute walk around the streets.

We finally retired to the hotel and bed to prepare ourselves for our coaching in our final destination of Iganga.