Day 10 in the big brother house and today was the culmination of 3 days coach education and schools coaching in Mbale. 

Mbale differs to Tororo where cricket isn’t as established within the schools and no men’s set up in the city. Despite this the teachers made a fantastic effort, with many of their schools playing for their 1st time and putting on a real demonstration of competitive fun primary school cricket. 

Before the final kicked off Taso (The Aids Support Organisation) had brought their mobile testing centre down to the stadium. This is the first time in Uganda that CWB has had pitch side testing and the hope is this is just the start of such initiatives.

The Taso team provided an excellence speech to the two finalist teams, Zesius and Wamambwe, as well as parents and other schools still watching and waiting for the final to start. The key message behind the ABC was abstinence due to their young age.

From my experiences from Tororo and MBale I believe today could be a genuine watershed moment for CWB in Uganda and in particular Mbale. This is an area that doesn’t have cricket established but he enthusiasm of the teachers, coaches, kids and volunteers has driven the ABC HIV message whilst promoting the game. Peter a local coach and Moses a local teacher showed a real keenness to set up a secondary school / men’s team to get the game going in Mbale. Having Abrahim from the UCA to help encourage and continue our work after we left has been invaluable. It would be a massive shame if after 4 very productive days, we come back next year and the kit we leave the UCA hasnt reached the schools in Mbale. There’s a concern that Mbale gets over looked for the more established towns of jinja, Kampala and Tororo. Thanks to rutland sports we have left some kit with Peter and his new teammates so when we return will a MBale cricket club have been set up? I sincerely hope so, it would be a fantastic legacy from this trip of Abrahim the UCA and CWB can help make this goal become a reality.

I believe we’ve made a great difference in Mbale and laid the foundations for something special with the testing centre and coaching. To quote the team its been, Chaotic, draining emotional, pivotal, successful, tiring, marvellous, Bring on Jinja!!