After only spending one week on the trip Holly and Jamie had to leave the rest behind rather reluctantly, here is Holly’s take on the week she spent out in Uganda.

My week in Uganda has come to an end far too soon as I have absolutely loved this country. The coaches in Tororo were the best group I have had the pleasure of teaching. They were so enthusiastic, loved chanting and most importantly were really switched on with their ABC’s and T’s. This time around I made more of a conscious effort to get to know the teachers I was coaching and climbing the Tororo rock showed that didn’t have to be over cricket. I found it really humbling to find out their stories and it hugely added to the experience forming that personal relationship with them when coaching.

A huge highlight for me was being able to run a very smooth tournament on our last day in Tororo due to 10 schools being there by 9.30am. Looking around a four full pitches of laughing kids and knowing this is because of you is an incredible feeling. When the games are finished and the winner announced, the kids run off screaming and cart-wheeling- this is a sight that will never get old.

The people, who have made this trip a truly memorable one, were the volunteers. Although I have only known them a week, I feel I have made a whole knew volunteering family and I hope that in the future some of us embark on another trip together.