Day fours blog comes from team tutor Alan on his thoughts on the first two coach education days delivered in Tororo.

Today was another hot day in Uganda in which the aim was to allow the trainee coaches to use the knowledge acquired of the cricketing skills acquired through yesterday’s coach education day into practical sessions.


When we arrived at the school in the morning 5 stations were set up for the trainee coaches to observe and then run the different skill sessions. The teachers were observed and given feedback at the end of each session. The ability to organise and control the groups was evident and was overall well received as proved by the fun and laughter heard from each group. Their input into the CWB program is invaluable and we wouldn’t be able to execute our coaching without them. For this, they warmly received their level 1 CWB coaching certificates for their efforts over the last couple of days and got their photo taken with CWB ambassador Holly.

The most pleasing outcome of these was how easily the AIDS message was brought into and used alongside the coaching points. Whilst the children were all very aware of the ABC message, I was informed that linking it to cricket and its skills still has an impact among young the people. A well earned rest was earned in the evening and a pool competition was set up, in which AJ and Jamie were unofficially crowned the ‘wonky table’ champions. We are perfectly set up for another full schools coaching day.