Today was the first day of coach education and after a short journey from our hotel and a few stops for directions, we arrived at Rockview Primary school. There was a fantastic turn out of teachers, both male and female, keen to learn some cricket. Jamie kicked things off with a classic high 5 warm up and from the screams of laughter I could hear, I could tell it was going to be a really good day.


For the morning session a bit of crowd control was needed whilst all the kids were on afternoon break at school. This allowed everyone to get stuck right in as soon as we got there. Theresa especially, who took her own aerobics class in the 30 degree heat. The morning session was then capped off by a conga line into lunch – their first introduction to chanting. Lunch was cleverly organised as we had my favourite sandwich of all time, peanut butter and jam.


The afternoon worked incredibly well, with them learning more specific batting, bowling and fielding skills. I have never seen a group of coaches so enthusiastic, so inquisitive and so good at including the ABC messages. I was so impressed by all of them, even some of the women, who had never played cricket before, were bowling more accurately than the men. They picked everything up so quickly.


All in all this was an excellent first day and the credit must go to team tutor Alan, who did a fantastic job organising us all. The coach education is invaluable part of the experience so that our work can continue once we have left. To pass on my knowledge to others with little experience of cricket and to know that this will be affecting many schools in the area, is such an amazing feeling. But the fun has only just started- bring on the schools coaching tomorrow.