Three days ago I returned from India where I was competing in ICC Women’s World Cup. We spent the first week of the trip in Pune then for the remainder we were based in Mumbai, right next door to the Gateway of India.

Pune seemed like a bustling city from what I saw and the training facilities were excellent. We felt more than prepared for the tournament ahead after a week of netting, middle practice and aerobics in front of the coldest pool in history. Due to the sun never actually hitting the pool, it was the perfect temperature for an ice bath- much to our strength and conditioning coach’s delight.


The tournament soon came thick and fast and we qualified for the Super Six stages having beaten India and West Indies. Unfortunately this was not with maximum points due to a last ball defeat to Sri Lanka, who were by far the most improved side of the tournament. Globally for women’s cricket this is fantastic to see.

Now all of our games were a must win in order to guarantee a place in the final. Our next game was against Australia. Bowling first, our seamers up front Anya (Shrubsole) and Katherine (Brunt), quickly had them six down. It was the best display of opening bowling I have ever seen and one which lead them to eventually being dismissed for 147. In reply we were very quickly five down, but with a partnership building things started to swing our way.

I felt very sick during our batting innings – no Delhi belly – just nerves. But when I eventually did get to bat they seemed to disappear as all I was doing was focusing on the task at hand. Anya and I managed to put on a record 10th wicket partnership and I was having a lot of fun in   the middle. We now needed three runs to win and Erin Osbourne, the Aussie offspinner, dragged one slightly short outside the off stump. The offside field is up, I’ve tried to cut the ball and instead of taking all the glory I nicked it to the ‘keeper. I was absolutely heart-broken especially as we had got so close to winning.

We had to dust ourselves down very quickly and head straight to Cuttack to play South Africa. It was actually very refreshing to get a change of scenery from Mumbai and escape our hotel. We came away with one of the most convincing wins of the tournament, which I think showed a lot of character after the previous loss. However, a place in the final was not to be as the West Indies beat Australia meaning they both had that privilege. We did finish our tour on high though beating the Kiwi’s to claim 3rd place.

Cricket aside, the trip was a great experience and I’m sure Uganda may be quite similar. To name some examples I am expecting plenty of miscommunication like when I ordered a full portion of noodles (there was the option for half), and up came four portions. I also expect there will be plenty of haggling – just like our day off at the markets. My walking away tactic had been working a treat until the man selling a necklace I really wanted didn’t call me back. This meant I awkwardly had to walk back there to buy it five minutes later. I’m sure there will also be lots of random sellers on the street – in India there was a particular large balloon salesman who darted straight for us as soon as we stepped out the hotel.

Although I’m a last minute addition to the team, I’m still extremely excited to be heading out to Uganda on Thursday. I have not yet met the rest of the team – with the exception of project leader Jamie – but seeing as they were victorious at the training weekend I have no doubt they are just as competitive as me. I’m more than ready for some coaching, to make a fool of myself, and chant till my voice is lost in the outback.

The throat lozenges are packed, the malarone course has started and I’m just waiting to leave. Get me to Uganda!