Meet the team

(left to right, Dom, Sam, Dave, Ian, Jess, Andy)

David Terrace (Project Leader)

Day Job: I work for Age UK leading projects to enable more older people to be more active.

How did I get involved with CWB?: Many moons ago (2010 to be precise), I went to Rwanda. I loved it so much that I wanted to go again and also help the charity grow and develop. Four trips, one cricket match (see below) and hours of enjoyable volunteering, I am helping the charity by being on the delivery team.

Cricketing experience: World class slogger, wily off spinner and ‘gun’ fielder. On my glittering cricketing CV, I have the top score in an International T20 match (England Women v CWB international select XI) and an international man of the match award (on the last trip CWB v Cameroon). In reality, I have flawed leg side based batting technique, am a buffet bowler and have dropped a few sitters in my time.

What am I most looking forward to about the trip? Having gone to Cameroon two years ago, I’m fascinated to see the progress in country. We now have an ambassador and CWB has visited a couple of time in the meantime so it will be great to see how things have changed. Also looking forward to coaching, laughing and generally making a fool of myself in front of 100’s of kids and a group of strangers! Finally, really looking forward to mining the knowledge of the fab team who are going out to help improve CWB and cricket in Cameroon.

Sam Rose (Cricket Lead)

Day Job: Hertfordshire Cricket – Development Officer

How did I get involved with CWB? Through a friend when I was completing my level 2 coaching assessment 4 years ago. 2 trips to Kenya later and hooked on trips to Africa with CWB!

Cricketing experience: I play for my local club and coach from 5 up to adults. Hertfordshire U16 boys coach!

What am I most looking forward to about the trip?

A new CWB experience in Cameroon and making new friends for life like previous trips I’ve been on!

Dom Chatfield

Day Job: Cricket development officer for Bedfordshire Cricket Board/ Freelance Cricket coach.

How did I get involved with CWB? Through Sam Rose recommending that I should be getting involved plus a beer with Carl Ferguson after a cricket match which eventually meant that I could not say no to signing up.

Cricketing experience: Current cricketer for Hertfordshire Minor Counties CC, club cricketer for Bishops Stortford CC(Hertfordshire) and Southill Park CC(Bedfordshire).

What am I most looking forward to about the trip? Making a difference to children that would otherwise firstly not get the chance to play cricket but are secondly uneducated about sexual health. It’s an opportunity to make a real difference to these people’s lives and I cannot wait to get started!!

Jess Clarke

Day Job: Small business manager (the business is small, not me)

How did I get involved with CWB? It kept coming up on my twitter feed and I was intrigued.  It seemed to bring together a lot of things that matter to me: HIV/AIDS education, kids, and cricket.

Cricketing experience: Pretty much none.  My kids and husband play and I help with the running of the junior section of the local village club.  I have tried wielding a (plastic) bat but I have a long way to go before I perfect my forward drive.  My enthusiasm will hopefully make up for lack of experience!

What am I most looking forward to about the trip? Feeling like we have made a difference and maybe spread the love of cricket a bit further along the way too.  And seeing a lot of smiling faces

Ian Bishop

Day job: I have just taken early retirement (age 52) from being an NHS GP for the past 20 years and as I still hopefully have some useful years left in me.

How did I get involved in CWB:  I am looking to redesign my Life and this trip to Africa is the start of it. I heard of CWB a few years ago when a fellow cricket coach told me about a trip to Uganda that he was going on with CWB. I thought then that it was something that i would love to do as it involved my love of cricket ,Africa (where i have worked in he past, a couple of times, when i was younger) and a really important Medical /social issue in HIV.

Cricketing experience: I have played cricket since the age of 8 and was fortunate when younger,to have played to a reasonable standard as an opening fast bowler.I had aspirations to try cricket as a career but then Medicine rather took over my life . I moved to Cornwall for work in 1990 and continued to play club cricket and occasional games for Cornwall when shifts allowed. After a few years off, i came back to playing cricket about 6 years ago, as my son was playing and now play with him at Truro cc and also play for Cornwall over 50’s  (though now bowling at a much more sedate pace!). I have been a coach for quite a few years and also now have my Umpires qualifications, which i hope to do more of over the coming years.

What am I most looking forward to about the trip?  I am really looking forward to a new challenge and different coaching environment , though have some anxieties over possible language barriers as I don’t speak French. I am by no means an expert in HIV/AIDS but hope my 30+ years in Medicine can be of some help as well.

Andy Jones

Day job: Civil Servant

How did I get involved in CWB: Numerous train journeys and conversations with a current member who has been on multiple trips with CWB. Being an ex teacher I was really impressed with how the social message linked in with learning cricketing skills. It reminded me of some of my own coaching in my academy. Having worked with minors in some fairly hard locations I was aware of the huge impact of positive role models on young people. After hearing her account I explored the website and historical trips and put my name forward.

Cricketing experience: Truthfully not a huge amount! I know the rules having played as a young boy. I follow the international side and coming from Kent frequented the St Lawrence in Canterbury. I think I might embody the charity’s mantra that cricket can be played and enjoyed by everybody?

What am I most looking forward to about the trip?  Enthusiasm, Energy….Condoms oh and my team have assured me I will be a cricketing pro!


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