Day 8.5! – A bit of rain….

4am and almost all, if not all, are woken by the rain! And not just the rain. Thunder that shakes buildings, lightning which could strobe a discotheque and wind strong enough to have stopped Viking marauders from ever setting sail…..assuming it was in the right direction that is! And then the rain, so much it should make Somerset envious and proof that you should never live, on a flood plain. 

An awesome quartet of natural power, or the disapproval of the 'Chariot Gods'?

2 comments to “Day 8.5! – A bit of rain….”
  1. Hello team. Great set of blogs, nice round up of the 1st week from different perspectives. Sounds like some of you are itching to do some more proper coaching in rural Africa away from the spotlight. Everything you are doing is brilliant so keep those energy levels up and go for it. More photos if poss, just love seeing the images xx

  2. Julia, Sunday 16/3/14 -8.45 pm. I have been following all the Team Cameroon blogs with interest and total admiration for what you are trying to and actually achieving. Huge congratulations to you and your colleagues. I am in awe of what you have all done so far, and wish you all well for the rest of the trip.I was fantastically impressed by the thought and plannig described in the new ABCT approach. As with your Rwanda trips I am proud to have supported CWB in a small way with my donation. Finally, with the new "A list celeb " status you and your colleagues have achieved, you will clearly need an agent/PA upon your return. May I have 1st refusal please? Looking forward to seeing you and hearing more about your trip from you upon your return. All best wishes from Chrissie and me. Philip. XXXX!!    

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