Normal service resumed today as an 8am start requested an early get up unlike the last 3 days. We headed to GHS Bokwango for a 2 hour session and found ourselves with a long, thin and hilly playing area to use. Not a problem, as the team had witnessed and dealt with much harder situations, so the activity began! The foot of Mount Cameroon provided an incredible view.

We had 80 kids for the session so they were divided into 3 groups and completed 30 minute sessions on batting, bowling and fielding. A 20 minute rotation competition of bowling with a straight arm, batting through a goal and number of catches in a minute threw a competitive edge into the morning. We finished the morning with an extremely impact full HIV/Aids demonstration in front of all the kids, showing them how to A – abstain from hitting the ball in the air. B- Be faithful to your partner by throwing just one ball. C – Condom use and protection by using the bat to hit the ball away from the wickets and your body.

I even managed to get my hands on a machete which are very popular over here.

We headed back to the hotel for a long 5 hour break before we were back on the road again. We ventured out in to town to get some drinks and snacks. Jo found herself a much awaited Sweetball in the street stalls of Buea as the withdrawal symptoms since Yaounde kicked in.

Buea Town School was our next destination and we coached another 2 hour session for around 180 kids. The children were split into 6 groups and each CWB volunteer teamed up with either a teacher or a local coach for there sub-group. My coach was the incredibly named Divine Summer who we aren't sure if his name is better than a previous teacher Englebert Mbang. Our session soon attracted a crowd… 1 side of children

And one side of cows!

You can make your own decision of which side looks more interested!

The afternoon culminated with 2 separate rotation competitions with the same activities as the morning and the power and joy of cricket, sport and winning was evident as we turned a group looking like this…

To this…

Speaks for itself really.

Another great day in Buea. The schools and coaches are just as enthusiastic as Yaounde but with Buea being an English speaking region it is much easier to get across the ABC messages with the children and teachers.