The team split into two again with myself (Jono) Rich T, Will and Allan (Hellen) coaching at Lycée general leclerc with the rest of the group coaching at St Therese where they coached around 75 kids after being promised only 17. While the team was their the headmaster had organised the national media to come and interview Jo and shoot some footage of CWB in action.

We started the day with one class of about 30ish doing a quick warm up followed by some batting skills. 40 minutes into the session the school bell rang and this was when they all decided to leave to go to their lessons. We were just about to get the minibus to take us to the other group, when the teacher came out and asked if we wanted another group at 9.30 and if so how many? It was to be around 40. We could not turn that down so we cracked on with a warm up  and got straight into a game of rapid fire cricket, which is proving popular over here.
After a long break we set off to Baptist secondary school (BSS) for our afternoon coaching where for the 1st time since arrival the team was coaching together. We finally turned up at the school after getting lost, but still arriving on time. Yet again we were coaching on an area of land the size of a postage stamp, with roughly 60 kids. Not knowing what to do with so many kids in such a small area the team looked and envied Rich D into coming up with a cunning plan for 2 hours.
The hardest part was yet again getting them organised in teams, lines and circles starting off with simple catching. Moving onto bowling and then batting, which I took one for the team after a kid smacked a ball into me at point blank range. The term organised chaos was an understatement, even though  it was a great buzz seeing all the smiling faces.