We started our morning early and traveled to Leclerc to drop off Rich D, myself & Cam and then onto Etoug Ebe Lycee secondary school to drop off team 2 – Will, Annabell, Rich T, Jono and Helen.  We expected 160 between the 2 schools… and upon arrival we were greeted by over 440 smiling faces, ready to play some cricket, have lots of fun and learn about HIV and Aids awareness messages. 

If you run out of cones you don’t stand there and moan or do nothing… you sort it out!

Morning session over, we were invited to join the staff room at Etoug Ebe Lycee and have some much needed cold fanta/coca cola and also we enjoyed trying some local bread based sweetballs!  Imagine round doughnuts without the sugar and hard around the edges… 

Following our mid morning snack, we returned to hotel Santa Lucia for a quick break, a bite of lunch before heading out for another action packed coaching afternoon which saw us visit College Adventist, St Therese, CCSS!

Another 200 children approximately. Team 1 visited St Therese for a very quick fire 45 minutes session and then had to drive 1 hour to the next school for an even quicker session of 30 minutes!

Team 2 worked at college Adventist where they got greeted by a welcoming party of youths all carrying machete’s. Very intimidating on arrival but incredibly talented, enthusiastic and excited on departure. As you can imagine none of the team managed to get a picture of this welcome…

Despite a few logistical problems, which is only a mention away with Victor from CCF of sorting out, another positive day.