Today we set off from Hotel Sportif to Yaounde. After hand constructing a roof rack to hold our luggage we headed south for a 4 hour journey. Travelling along the jungle roads of Cameroon meant we witnessed numerous accidents involving lorries. The roads her are extremely well built and flat which is a major positive.

We arrived at Lycee General Leclerc school to be greeted by 26 teachers and myself, Jono, Rich D and Will started the coach education as the rest of the team took our luggage to check in at the hotel.

An orange dustbowl was our pitch which was extremely flat even though it contained a few puddles. Just like the UK really!

Adaptability is becoming somewhat of a theme on this trip as the Cameroon heavens opened and the rain poured. We quickly went inside to a room similar to a church hall and transformed it from this

To this within minutes.

Meanwhile the rest of the team arrived at our booked hotel only to find it was being ‘Refurbished’ so had to start a hunt for a new location. With the brilliant help from Victor and the Cameroon Cricket Association, finally they found and booked the Santa Lucia hotel. Very nicely situated next to a supermarket.

Back to the coach education and after completing all the fielding drills including catching, throwing and ground fielding a very good HIV/Aids drill was done by Jono to finish the day on a spectacular high.

A very impressive set of teachers of who we look forward to working with throughout the next few days.

The coach education will continue and be completed tomorrow.