A team of 3 volunteers dubbed as Team North arrived at Manchester Airport, Jono, Jo and myself. After getting our luggage through the baggage check a 'little' bit overweight we headed to our terminal to catch our flight to Paris. Jono and Jo straight through security but I had my shoes off, waistband checked and somewhat of a free massage from the security guard. Eventually passing through security I went to collect my hand luggage and iPad, which was nowhere to be found. Situated in the security guards office… And being the cynic that I am I found that a little bit suspicious. Anyway iPad in hand and we flew to Paris in a very quick time.

As we headed to Paris for our connecting flight to Cameroon so did Team South consisting of the rest of our team, Rich D, Rich T (not the biscuit) Helen, Chris, Annabel and Will. Team South arrived in Paris around 30 minutes later than ourselves so 1-0 to the northerners!! After the Top Gear-esque race to Charles De Gaulle airport we boarded our plane to Douala.
A 2 hour delay meant we were much later than planned when arriving in Cameroon. We were hit in the face by extremely humid conditions, perfect for an opening day of a test with two quickies steaming in from both ends. We were later to find out that Douala has a nickname of 'The Armpit of Cameroon'. Glamorous.
Off to collect our luggage we went… well most of it. After around 2 hours of watching the same unclaimed bags rotate around the conveyer belt, the carousel stopped moving and we where without 4 bags. 2 bags of cricket kit and mine and Jo's personal cases. We used our very limited French skills and the huge help of Victor, CEO of Cameroon Cricket Federation, to manage to get our bags sorted so they will arrive for Sunday… Hopefully! 
Next step was to board the bus. With 4 people sat in the front 2 seats it felt more like some sort of Guinness World Record attempt. A 2km journey turned in to at least half an hour which is typical African fashion.

Finally we reached our accomodation for the first night, Hotel Sportif. Very basic rooms is a fairly accurate description but not to worry as we would be moving to Yaounde in the morning. A roof over our head and a bed to sleep in was very much appreciated after the long haul flight, delays and baggage upset. A round of cold beers and Sprite was ordered and well deserved too. We had some midnight snacks of Omelette and Chips only to find there are 3 types of Chips: Potato, Banana an Yam. We received a mixture of Banana and Potato. Very interesting.
At the end of day one a somewhat tired team remained very excited and curious of what Cameroon and Yaounde has to offer! Bring on the next two weeks, give us your best Cameroon!