SPECIAL EDITION – when the lights went out in Bots pt. 2

2nd innings

CWB were always confident of chasing down the 169 amassed by the Pioneers. 8.5 runs per over were seen as realistic target with an experienced batting line up brought together…the tail could wag a long way down, especially with Elvis due in at 9…a bit of a ‘hound dog’.

Green toiled with his batting line up and reluctantly spoke to Gayton about his role…coming in at 11 if valuable runs were still needed. Gayton’s hands were still trembling from the pounding they had received from Jethro, Elvis, David and Scott. For Elvis it was back to his days ‘down in the ghetto’!!

Green decided in an opening partnership with the prolific Jethro supported by the inexperienced but reliable Callum Doyle. Adjusting to the floodlights early runs were flowing from Doyle and especially Jethro, with some sublime run scoring. Then Green came in and the momentum continued. Green unfortunately didn’t notice the slower ball and holed out with a skier to mid off. Jethro gloved one to the wicket keeper.

The batsman got a bit tied down as the Pioneers put on the pressure. Boothroyd and Scotty then struck back with boundaries to all parts of the ground. Boothroyd started with a magnificent six from his first ball…a ball that would have still been going if it wasn’t for the sight screen getting in the way.

Boothroyd ran out of steam and played the ugliest shot of the innings, swiping across the line to a half-volley only to turn and see his middle stump flying out of the ground. Shemeelah then came in to continue the run chase. She wanted to be his partner in the middle but had to settle for Scott who had dropped anchor three overs earlier.

With 7 overs to go and around 90 runs needed (experienced batting still to follow) it happened…the opposition were worried…we think one of the Pioneers supporters sabotaged the generator…the lights went out…everyone stood in the middle and unfortunately the umpires of Gayton and Green had to speak to the Pioneers to abandon the game. CWB were furious on the boundary as they could see the winning post getting closer. Chris was pacing up and down, ready to go in with a runner, but unfortunately it was ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ for the remaining batsmen.

Hands were shaken and you could see the relief on the Pioneers faces as the beer started to pour. CWB remained undefeated – #Invincible as always.

Ian G

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  1. Well done guys, an honourable draw.. Those floodlights are tricky out there.. I got a 2nd baller in my game out there!

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