Day 6 – Magalatladi Primary School

Today we went to Magalatladi Primary school which was in a rural area roughly 25km outside of Gaborone. Here, we coached 16 teachers and 141 children.


When we arrived, the teachers were quiet and unresponsive when we asked them about HIV and its effects in the school and area. The teachers had all come from surrounding schools but regularly met up for local meetings at Magalatladi schools. It’s obvious that it’s not an easy thing to bring up with strangers but one of the teachers explained that the right to privacy was maintained in schools and that the teachers can’t and don’t find out the status of their pupils. This being said, the teachers quickly got into the coaching thanks to Graham’s enthusiastic adult-coaching and opened up, enjoying the cricket and talking to lots of us individually at lunchtime. Again, the newly certified coaches were extremely happy to be awarded their coaching certificates and yellow CWB t shirts.


Despite the 38 degree heat there was some cloud cover in the afternoon which stopped us melting. When we did the skills sessions and games with the children. The children were mostly 6-12 years old so we made the sessions less about the specifics of cricket and more about having fun and getting them to learn their ABCs. Of all the groups we’ve done this week I think these were the loudest when we asked them about the meaning of ABCs, which is really positive as it lets us know that they understand why we were there and what we were trying to get across. When the groups finish their 15/20 minute sessions we get them shouting “ABC” as they run to the next station. Unprompted, they were then shouting “ABC” when their teams took a wicket or scored some runs, which was pleasing to see. The session finished after 2 hours in the afternoon when we headed back to Gaborone for what was to be an action-packed evening…

Gaffe of the Day goes to Graham, for proposing to a teacher with a flower that he stole from the school’s Jacaranda tree.

Cal D

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