By Rachael aka 3 words


Friday, and the last school of the week – Mosielele Primary in Moshupa, approximately 45 minutes from our hotel in Gaborone. The full CWB team were back together , as Clare and Sam put down their cocktail glasses and picked up cricket bats. Joining us were Botswana players and coaches, Mosa and Obert along with the girls’ U19 captain Shameelah for her 3rd day with the CWB team. These guys were fantastic throughout the day and will no doubt continue to make an impact within community cricket around the Gaborone area.

26 teachers took part in the morning workshop from Mosielele Primary and other local schools – with a lot of enthusiasm we headed outside and the teachers took part in a warm up led by Richard, which highlighted some key HIV/AIDS awareness messages. During Mick’s batting masterclass session, his usage of the word ‘ok’ was above average with the tally being counted at well over 50 by Jonno and Adam (soon to be referred to as Mary Poppins due the fact that if anyone asked ‘have you got a…’  you could guarantee he had one in his bag).

With Botswana TV capturing the afternoon session, it was brilliant to see the teachers being heavily involved making it the most successful session yet with the children. The CWB team were able to step back a bit more and let the teachers get more involved with leading the session. Four stations were initially set up with a 5th being added later on when Jonno and Rach set up another game for some more kids who had been watching but soon were encouraged to start joining in.

With the Minister for Presidential affairs Mokgweetsi E.K. Masisi visit imminent later in the afternoon, everyone kept the kids going and after a short water break the team handed out t-shirts (in an organised fashion in comparison to the wristband incident earlier in the week where Jonno, Clare and Rach were somewhat mauled by the kids). With all 140 kids proudly wearing their new ‘Bowling Aids out of Africa’ t-shirts, they were grouped together to welcome the Sports Minister (also the local MP) who spoke to them about the ABCs, asking them to promise to adhere to the ABC messages. The CWB team were thanked for their hard work before leaving for Gaborone to make it back for the eagerly anticipated match against Botswana Cricket Association.

With the team showered, refreshed and changed they headed over to the home of cricket, the BCA Oval, to play in what had been built up as being the match of the year. So it was all set: 9 a side, 15 overs, hard ball, under lights, BBQ lit, crowd gathered (Ravi and his mates), Botswana to bat first. Shameelah and Adam opened the bowling, receiving a bit of tap early on by the openers who made a good start to their innings. The skipper made a successful bowling change, bringing on Botswana’s young player ‘Big Boy’ who took the first wicket of the match – the second soon followed as Jonno ‘Boyzone’ Todd got the batsman chasing a ball outside off stump. In true sportsmanship style, Jonno ‘quietly’ sent the batsman on his way back to the clubhouse. Boyzone’s following overs were not so successful as his soon to be ex roommate, Michael (Ben), had no issues in signalling 4 wides off his next 2 overs. 3 words was brought on to steady the ship, making a quick impact, taking a wicket with her first ball then in her 2nd over bowled the new batsman leaving her with outstanding figures of 2 for not many off 3. Roommate, Smurf (Jen – aptly named Cricket Smurf for the match) also made a quickly impact with 3 words being involved yet again in a run out.

With 78 the target, CWB made a decent start albeit steady – disaster struck in the 4th over as Shameelah was caught and bowled by her brother. Clare and AJ kept a steady partnership going pinching the singles and hitting the bad balls. Clare was the next to go after making 5 when she was caught behind. CWB needed 20 off the last 12 balls, AJ got himself in trouble when he missed a straight ball that went on to hit in ‘right where it hurts’ (if you’re a man). Ricky Ponting hit a couple of big boundaries to keep things interesting but eventually CWB fell 5 short.