No surprise that the day started with another early start – off at 6:45 this time, after a night of no electricity meaning that the fans didn’t work; but that didn't mean any longer in bed. We’re all used to getting up at 5.30.

The heat is getting to all of us now. One by one, we’re slowly wilting, although thankfully today was a bit cooler as the clouds returned.

We were also visited today by the chief education officer Mr Tiamoto for the north east region and Portia Ngakwo from "The Voice" newspaper who wrote an article about cricket in Africa.



Below is a shot of the article in the Gabarone Telegraph about the charity and its work from last week.








In the morning, Charlie organised some new drills for the teachers after he got them to lead the warm up drills.

In the afternoon, it was off to Makaleng school, where we were joined not only by about 100 happy smiling children, and a handful of the teachers we have been training all week.





Assisted by the new trainee coaches, we organised games of kwik cricket as well as drill in batting, catching and bowling. The older children were presented with CWB T shirts, which they wore with pride as they went home it was interesting to see the way the children enjoy themselves even though they run around on sandy ground with no shoes on