On the way to Masunga, it rained, but by the time we got there, the sun was out in full force, preparing to melt us again.

Charlie organised the teachers into small groups so each one of us could observe each teacher as they each stepped the group through part of a drill, from introduction through the various coaching points.

At the end, those coaches who had participated in all 4 days of the programme, which was about 32, were presented with certificates. All 34 coaches were presented with a T shirt and wrist band.

What followed was bizarre in extreme, but probably the highlight of the entire trip.

The group sang the Botswana national anthem acapella style, led by two of the new coaches who were just simply fantastic singers.

Then we had to sing God Save the Queen, but only one verse as none of us knew the second verse.

The group tried to persuade Clement to sing the Zimbabwean national anthem, but he declined and started singing a song of thanks that is written in a mixture of African languages;  Zulu and Setswana. The group readily joined in and although we didn’t know the meaning of the song at the time, it was very moving. We eventually found out that the song is called Reamo Leboga, ,meaning Thanks to God

Then it was off to Zwenshambe primary school with one of the new coaches who teaches there.