After another very early start, it was off for the 2 hour drive to the Masunga sports complex, another scorcher awaited us on the astroturf.

After an early departure from Francistown international airport by Gellers, the lead role was taken up by Charlie who who was now our coach tutor, ably assisted by his team.

Already a man down also after 20mins it became 2 men down when the project leader Paul rogers was summoned away by a local radio/ newspaper journalist for an interview about our trip and work in Africa.

In the pre-lunch session, we took the teachers through straight drive, bowling and wicket keeping drills. The heat meant that we took more breaks than usual and every 2 minute water break ended with a 20 minute teacher roundup; they call this Botswana time.

After lunch, it was Kalamati primary school’s turn for the CWB fun day.

We were joined by a handful of the teachers from the morning’s session and 103 children, which was pretty close to the head master’s estimate of 90 participants. We trudged across the road in searing heat were the donkeys and goats grazed on a sandy outfield in an intense kwik cricket session watched by the local constabulary, who joined us for the final group photo.

5 continuous cricket stations were set up as well as some catching and other skill stations; watched by the above mentioned local police officers who happily joined the group for the photo at the end of the session.


Then it was back in the minibus for the 2 hour trip back to Francistown upon were we were introduced by Clement to Mr Sanjay local sport shop owner who is very supportive of cricket in Botswana and keen to promote the sport. Afterwards it was back the Woodland lodge for take away pizza as some of the guys are beginning to become weary after the long days in the African heat.