After a long 5 hour drive from Gabarone north to Francistown, crossing the Tropic of Capricorn into the tropics, avoiding a series of goats, donkeys, cows wandering across the road and a few accidents, we arrived at the Francistown school and orphanage for deaf children, where we were met by Clement Chipanga, the North East Botswana BCA coach.

Games of KWIK cricket were played with about 60 children of various ages.



It was great to see the children smiling and having fun playing cricket. At the end, presentations of wrist bands and t-shirts were made to the children and staff.. Following this, it was back into the combi and off to the woodland lodge in Francistown.



We will be based in Francistown for the following week, teaching 34 teachers every day at the Masunga Sports Complex, a short 2 hour drive away.

Clement has invested a massive amount of time into he planning and organising of the week and we look forward to spending the week here. He deserves massive recognition for the hard work organising the week ahead