Another sunny day in downtown Gabarone started early as our driver Mokwa (aka Moxie) arrived at at 7.30 for the 60 minute drive to Molopolele. After a hazardous drive through a varied landscape and 2 accidents on the roads, we eventually arrived.

We were welcomed by the local area sports coordinator, Cecelia. After prayers led by one of the teachers, introductions were made by the 32 teachers.

Then it was off to what can only be described as a dustbowl, which was a local football field to coach them the basic skills of cricket in sessions led by all the volunteers.

The school is very active in promoting cricket as they are looking for funding for summer camps.


Again it was another hot day in baking sunshine. This was probably the best school visited so far as they are very proactive in developing cricket.

After a magnificent feast laid on by the school, consisting of rice, beans, curry again!, salad and fruit it was back out into the midday sun for another session mobbed by 180 children playing continuous cricket, very well supported by the teachers, who put their newly learned skills in cricket coaching and conveying HIV/AIDS awareness messages to great use.

It was good to see all the children enjoying themselves with smiles on their faces, enjoying the cricket. At one point the project leader was bundled over by the children, all trying to appear on the video camera, but he lives to tell the tale.

It was back off to Gaborone for a peaceful night after another long day.